Work from home

Franchise opportunities in the work from home franchise category enable franchisees to operate the franchise business from their own home, rather than funding overheads for operating from an office base and employing staff members.

Work from home opportunities may not require 9-5 working hours, enabling you to perfect your ideal work/life balance. You can often work part-time and choose the hours you work, enabling you to fit family life or other commitments around your daily work tasks. Some franchise businesses may be operated during evenings or weekends, such as children’s entertainment franchise opportunities or sports activity franchises.

Franchise businesses that can be operated from home also include vehicle-based business opportunities, such as lawn maintenance, window cleaning, delivery franchises, mobile valeting services and pest control solutions.

Work at home opportunities can also include management franchises, where by you manage a team carrying out a service, i.e. a cleaning management franchise.