The Advantages Of Buying White Collar Franchises

Sarah Cook, founding partner of Coconut Creatives, shares her thoughts on the advantages of buying a white collar franchise.

Starting a business poses many questions and challenges. The fear of failure often drives people to take no action, especially with papers like The Times reporting that one in two business start-ups fail. Yet the UK is made up of over four million small and medium sized businesses (according to the Federation of Small Businesses) and many make a huge success of it. Of course, we all want to minimise risks to failure and so franchising is often chosen as a safer option than going-it-alone.

With more than 1,300 franchise business types to choose from in the UK, how do you narrow down the search? In this feature we explore the world of white collar opportunities and why people might choose them.

The first real question all prospective business owners must ask themselves is that of suitability. We all have different skill sets, so matching yours accordingly is the first step to a successful business plan. There are actually companies that will help you free of charge to understand your skillset better along with personality profiling tools. These are very useful in helping you narrow down your choice of industry, sector and business type. A popular franchise matching service in the UK is Franchise Development Services’ FranMatch.

There are many advantages to running a white collar franchise, here are just a few for you to consider:



  • White collar franchises can cost less to set up. This is due to the service nature of this kind of business where you more often than not swap your time for a fee. This is particularly attractive to prospective franchise owners with industry skills but lack capital to invest in stock and premises.
  • Often, white collar businesses can be started from a home office. This allows you to save on office expenses and possibly work around other commitments like the family. Home-based businesses can have a net operating profit of 50 per cent or more compared to 25 per cent or lower for some retail or van-based operations.
  • White collar businesses tend not to deal with excessive stock. No stock collection means any stock management and transportation costs are diminished which saves you money and time in your average working week. This allows you to concentrate on the key aspects that really drive your business forward, such as service quality and client acquisition.
  • Support from the franchisor is a key element to any white collar franchise. Due to the nature of the business and service offering, a team of professionally trained people who can offer real insight on best practice supports a franchise owner.
  • White collar franchises are often business to business (B2B) led, meaning that the franchise itself works with other businesses. So consider if you want to deal with other businesses or end customers. Probably one of the best examples of this is ActionCOACH, whereby the franchise owner coach works with and helps other business owners to become more successful. ActionCOACH looks for candidates with a solid 5+ years of business background preferably in sales, marketing, law, accounting, resource management, team leadership or business ownership.
  • As you can see white collar franchises provide many benefits to you, although these are not strictly exclusive to this sector. As the business world continues to develop, white collar opportunities can now be found in a blue collar environment. An international franchise such as Cafe2U is one of the world’s largest mobile coffee van franchises and delivers tea, coffee, hot chocolate and snacks to non-traditional locations like offices, industrial parks and events. This franchise can offer you white collar opportunities through multi-van and area developer business packages.

    Another way of narrowing down your choice of franchise is to look at business functions that every business has to undertake, thus making it recession proof.

    Whatever stage you are at in your journey for a new career or business, always ensure you are honest with yourself – why you are doing it and what do you ultimately want to achieve out of life. We all search for some kind of freedom: freedom of choice, financial freedom, or freedom over our time, so ensure you choose a business that is aligned with your vision for your future and family goals.