Automotive Franchise Opportunites

Franchises in the automotive sector cover a range of business opportunities including car valeting franchises, driving school franchises, petrol station franchises, and franchises that distribute and supply tools to mechanics.

Often franchises within the automotive sector are van-based opportunities, meaning that the franchise owner does not need to hire employees or a premise from which to operate the business. Usually van-based franchise owners have the capability of expanding their business to multiple vans, and therefore hiring staff, once the franchise is right for growth. Examples of automotive van-based franchises include Revive! and etyres.

There are also some automotive franchises that are management-based opportunities. With 5DAY, for example, franchise owners manage a team of driving instructors, so they do not have to do the actual teaching themselves. Instead they concentrate on attracting new students and hiring suitable driving instructors.

Due to many of the business opportunities in the automotive franchise sector being vehicle-based they often require lower investment fees than other sectors such as retail or food and drink franchises. Additionally, as many do not need a franchise owner to operate from a retail or office premises, the overheads of running a franchise in the automotive sector are also often lower than in other franchise sectors.

It is common for franchise owners within this sector to expand once their franchise is fully established in their territory. Most franchise owners do this through putting more vans on the road and hiring employees, or through purchasing an adjoining territory.

Due to the hands-on aspect of owning many automotive franchises, they tend to be popular with people who prefer to be working outdoors rather than in an office, who do not mind getting their hands dirty, and who are good at learning new technical skills.

It is normal for franchisors in this sector to provide full training and support to all franchise owners in the network. If the business involves the franchise owner taking a hands-on role, where they will be carrying out the service themselves, most franchisors will train new franchise owners with all the skills and knowledge they need to do this before launching the business.

With their low start-up costs and overheads, automotive franchises are often popular with people who want to own a small business that has the potential to expand if the franchise owner feels ready to do so.

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