Top 5 Low Investment Franchises

With the popularity of franchising on the rise, more and more reputable opportunities are now available at affordable prices. Tiffany Brooking reveals some of the industries most successful low investment franchises.

If you have always dreamed of running your own business but lack funding and experience, investing in a low cost franchise could be the perfect route for you.

There are various opportunities that can allow you to get started with an affordable upfront fee and also without too many ongoing contributions and overheads. Since these opportunities typically yield less income, at least initially, you will want to find out if there is room for growth as you progress.

Low cost franchises can cover a variety of business sectors including cleaning, car valeting, children activity groups, internet services, jewellery, vehicle-based services, accounting and other financial franchises.

These opportunities avoid the costs of premises, and call for little or no overheads or staff costs. Another big advantage is that they can often be run part-time, allowing franchise owners to achieve an attractive work/life balance.

No matter what type of franchise you decide to invest in, you need to know how to find a quality low investment franchise.

When searching for your ideal franchise, it’s important not to be drawn into an offering just because it has an attractive price tag. You must thoroughly research each opportunity and ensure that its franchise package offers everything you will need to run your business confidently and successfully.

Generally, if a franchise has a very low investment fee and sounds too good to be true – it usually is. At the very least, a reputable franchise should provide:

  • a proven business history
  • well-documented systems
  • effective training
  • ongoing support structure

See below our top 5 low investment franchises the industry has to offer. Covering a variety of sectors and with initial investment fees no higher than £15,000 – there is a franchise out there to suit everyone’s budget, interests and ambition.

Time For You

£11,750 + VAT

Time For You is a management franchise where no cleaning is done by the franchise owner. Its franchise system is one of the UK’s most successful with 201 franchise owners across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

So confident in its business model, Time For you offers all new franchise owners a 100 per cent Money Back Guarantee if they don’t make £30,000 profit in 18 months!

To prepare franchise owners for the launch if their business, they attend an initial two-day residential training course followed by a one-day ‘finisher’ course after 90 days.

Time For You also provides personalised company webpages, marketing support, ongoing training and field support from an experienced franchise owner.

FiltaFry Plus

£14,950 + VAT

FiltaFry Plus is a mobile, onsite service for the microfiltration of cooking oils and vacuum cleaning of deep fat fryers and the supply of kitchen hygiene products and services.

FiltaFry Plus offers fantastic growth potential - because any type of catering outlet benefits from the service, FiltaFry Plus allows you to develop a huge network of clients in a short period. And as the service is required on a weekly repeat basis, the income potential is unlimited.

The company's residential training course covers every aspect of the franchise operation – from the fryer management service through to the ongoing development of the business. You will also have up to five days 'in-field' training alongside an experienced existing franchise owner to ensure full competence and confidence.

The FiltaFry support team is always available to give advice and guidance regarding the business through the various stages of its development and as part of the ongoing mentoring programme.

London House

£10,750 + VAT for standard package

A specialist in financial and commercial investigations, London House is the UK’s leading investigation and detective franchise.

As a London House franchise owner you will be a banking, legal and insurance consultant and investigator, providing a range of services to banks, finance houses, law firms, insurance companies and the rest of the credit industry.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who have ambitious plans and hope to expand their business in the future, as London House also has a Premium franchise package on offer (£19,750 + VAT), which enables franchise owners to operate a larger territory and develop their business further.

London House franchise owners receive two weeks’ residential training included in cost of franchise, comprehensive training and an Operations Manual, as well as, an extensive library of documents and forms held on franchise owners’ systems.


£12,000 + VAT

Change the way people eat, think and live as a weight-loss counsellor with the UK's leader in obesity management - LighterLife.

As a LighterLife franchise owner, you will benefit from being part of a growing company with a nationally recognised brand and a proven business format.

LighterLife spreads its distance learning and residential training over a period of three months, giving franchise owners the chance to enhance their ability to start up and run their own business. LighterLife's training is accredited by Edexcel and is followed by ongoing Continuing Professional Development training.

With dedicated field-based Regional Business Development Managers and a wealth of knowledge at central office, LighterLife offers an experienced in-house marketing team, clinical expertise and ongoing support and advice to help grow your business.

The Christmas Decorators

£14,995 + VAT

The Christmas Decorators offers a unique opportunity to join its expanding business decorating residential homes and business properties both inside and out.

Having virtually no competitors, and affordable to set up, with an initial investment starting from as low as £14,995, The Christmas Decorators franchise really is an exciting opportunity.

As Christmas comes every year, reinstallation for existing customers has the potential to create a massive snowball effect of residual income. Year round business can generate revenues creating lighting to create kerb appeal for the licensed trade industry as well as parties and events.

The only business of its kind in the UK, the client list is extensive ranging from large corporations, the hospitality industry and private homes.

The business can be conducted from home including marketing, stocking, preparation and interior designs, and full training and ongoing support is provided.