Sports Franchises - An Introduction

Sports franchises encompass a wide variety of businesses from children’s football lessons to fitness boot camps. Their one unifying theme, however, is that they all teach, train or encourage people to exercise.

With so many health warnings about leading inactive lifestyles, people of all ages are looking for ways to increase the amount of experience they do, leading to a growth in the popularity of franchises within the sports sector.

To run a business in this sector, franchise owners do not need to come from a sports background, as full training and support is normally provided as part of the franchise package. Being able to demonstrate an interest in sports, health and exercise, however, is usually required.

Additionally, nearly all franchises in this sector require franchise owners to be public facing, as they will often be taking the sports classes themselves. Furthermore, if it is a franchise offering sports lessons to children, the franchise owner has to have the ability to get on well with both children and their parents.

Many sports franchises can be run on a part-time basis, for example holding children’s swimming lessons a couple of mornings a week, however there are full-time opportunities within this sector. As well as this, many franchises can start off on a part-time basis, but have the potential to become a full-time business in the future.

The benefit of having a sports franchise is that they usually enable franchise owners to have more flexibility over their working life than an office-based franchise, which usually require working from 9-5 at the minimum. As well as this, most franchise owners have an interest in the particular sport their business is based around, so get a personal enjoyment from being able to teach it to new people.

Sports franchises tend to appeal to people who do not like being stuck behind a desk all day and who want flexible working hours. Franchise owners come from a range of backgrounds, have different skills and qualifications, but they all share the common aim of encouraging people to become more interested in sports and fitness.